Columbus Marathon Hits Instagram Running

20130630-162542.jpgWith such vibrant, enthusiastic and social fans, followers and friends, one of our top goals at the Columbus Marathon & 1/2 Marathon is continually finding new ways to engage with our community. In the past this has meant connecting with you on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, the blog and e-newsletter. Today we’re proud to announce that we’re taking things one step further by adding Instagram to the mix!

Instagram opens the door to a whole new way of connecting the marathon with the running community. Instead of just telling you about what’s happening behind-the-scenes at the Columbus Marathon, we can now show you exactly what we’re up to and what’s going on in our world. Even more, we can cheer you on as you share your life, your passion and your progress with us.

Ready to get to know the Columbus Marathon in a whole new way? Click here to follow us on Instagram @CbusMarathon or use the hashtag #cbusmarathon to join the conversation. Not on Instagram? No problem. You can still connect with us on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.


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