“Get Psyched” Reading List

Get Psyched Reading ListToday’s guest post comes from Chelsi Day, licensed clinical and sport psychologist, and member of the Columbus Marathon Psych Team.

We as the Psyching Team have been humbled by the warm reception and excitement we’ve received from race organizers, staff, and registrants! So much excitement, in fact, that we’ve heard the request for MORE resources.

As a firm believer in over-resourcing people, I have put together a reading list for runners and walkers who want to dig in to the idea of mental training. Some of these books are purely about the topic, while some are more comprehensive training guides with fabulous sections on the mental aspect.

“Get Psyched” Reading List:

What other reads/resources do you recommend? Feel free to add your own suggestions in the comments and be sure to join us on September 21st at noon for our next “Get Psyched” Psyching Team seminar!

2 thoughts on ““Get Psyched” Reading List

  1. Another great recommendation that was just passed along to me is “The Little Red Book of Running” by Scott Douglas ($11.54 on Amazon). Dr. Sean Mullen of University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign says he doesn’t leave home without it. So it must be decent 🙂

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