The Final Countdown

Today’s guest post comes from Jessica Daniels, a Spanish teacher at a small rural high school and avid runner of 5ks, half marathons, and marathons. She lives in Dover, Ohio with her husband, Nick, and a rescued greyhound named Casper. Earlier this summer, Jess shared with us her plans to run 13 half marathons in 2013.

2013-07-06Four weeks. Four weeks until I hear the gun in the dark in the middle of Broad Street and dart off to the east. Four weeks until I run through the mansions of Bexley, the historic homes of German Village, the towering concrete of downtown. Four weeks until I turn the corner past Nationwide Arena to the finish line, glad to have completed another Columbus Marathon and my 8th half marathon of 2013. I’ll be especially grateful this year after what happened this summer.

Right now I can run 1 mile. Yup, 1 mile at a time. Why the craziness? I am just coming off of 8 weeks of no running due to a tibial stress fracture on my right leg. The picture is what I looked like for most of my summer. What a learning experience. Did it dash my hopes of running 13 half marathons this year? Nope. It just put up some road blocks for me to dash around.

Time is no longer my goal — it is the finish line, and only that. Running, shuffling, walking, crawling, I’ll get there. I know I have to be careful to not injure myself again worse. I am building my mileage back slowly and easily. I’m being VERY careful and following doctor’s orders to a T, which has paid off so far and I believe it will continue.

I hope, come October 20, that I can make it through a run/walk of 13 miles. You’ll see me toward the back, in my pink “Run Jess Run” tee-shirt, determined but oh-so happy that I can be out there doing what I love.

I’ve been marking my comeback progress and reflecting on what I’ve learned at my blog, Stop by, and if you have some advice on coming back from an injury or overcoming obstacles, leave me a comment here, or hit me up on Twitter (@jessdan28).  I would love to hear what my fellow Columbus runners have to say on this.

Good luck in your own training for the marathon/ half marathon! Stay strong, fuel properly, get plenty of rest, and most importantly, enjoy what you’re doing … because it is a gift. Enjoy the journey, and I’ll update in a few weeks!


3 thoughts on “The Final Countdown

  1. Wow! what an inspiration! I too, have been side lined in my training for Columbus half due to an injury. I was planning to just go with my friend and cheer her on, however after reading this, I may just be there with you run/walk, run/walk to the end!! Thanks for sharing! 🙂

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