We Ask, You Answer: Where Are Your Favorite Spots to Watch the Race?

“We Ask, You Answer” is our new blog series featuring your training tips and race day advice. The concept is simple: We’ll ask the questions, and you’ll answer. Then, we’ll compile and share your advice. Be sure to follow along on Facebook and Twitter!

Photo Oct 02, 4 50 52 PMWe often hear from our runners and walkers that cheering spectators and humorous signs give them a much needed energy boost when their body tires during the Nationwide Children’s Hospital Columbus Marathon & 1/2 Marathon. That’s why for today’s “We Ask, You Answer” post we asked where our spectators like to watch the race (and where our runners could use a little extra encouragement!). Here are 10 of their suggestions:

  1. “Brewery District. It’s a gradual uphill, almost done for the half marathoners and halfway for the full. Usually not too many people there and, as a runner, I appreciated the encouragement during that uphill climb.” – Carie Reeves Adams
  2. “The best spot in 2013 will be at Mile 21. Celebrating Bryer!” – Doug Hill
  3. “Mile 7 with Adelyn! You get to see the runners find their pace at Mile 2, and then cheer them on again at Mile 7. You still have plenty of time to get a cup of coffee and make it to finish line to see them cross it!” – Catherine Egolf Keith Langton 
  4. “I watch from the Angel Mile in honor of the patients I’ve lost. It’s pretty lovely in German Village too.” – Scott Elder
  5. “Cup O’ Joe on 3rd in German Village.” – Jeremy Banta
  6. “Mile 8!!! With Rudy Murray’s minions!” – Kathy Cramer Murray
  7. “Right around Mile 25 on Neil Avenue.” – Lyen Djakov
  8. “UA – at mile 20.” – Christina Hultsch
  9. “Cup O’ Joe on 3rd in German Village, and The North Market. We’re excited to be cheering for everyone at Mile 1 with our son Skyler.” – Brittney Seymour
  10. “Mile 11 near Schiller Park in German Village, and then hightail it up to campus to see runners again on campus, around mile 19 where a lot of runners are hitting the wall!” – Amy Malone

What are your favorite spots to watch the marathon? Share your tips in the comments, on Facebook and on Twitter!


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