Tip #20: Follow Friends & Family with Real-Time Race Tracking (RTRT.me)

As we put the final preparations in place for this year’s race, we’ll be sharing “26 Tips for 26.2 Miles” to make sure you’re ready to go on race day. Click here to read them all, or follow along on FacebookTwitterPinterest and Instagram.

Photo Oct 09, 3 06 46 PMHave you ever noticed how looking for a runner or walker during a marathon feels a lot like playing a game of “Where’s Waldo?”

If you know how hard it can be to spot one person in a crowd of 18,000, today’s tip is for you: Whether you’re cheering from the sidelines or from across the country, you’ll be able to follow your friends and family every step of the way through our partner, Real-Time Race Tracking. Sign up here!

Here’s how it works:

  • Real-time Facebook/Twitter notifications: Athletes who register for RTRT.me (registration is free!) will have their split times shared in real-time on their Facebook and Twitter. To sign up, runners simply claim their profile and enable notifications here. Then, their stats will post live as they pass each checkpoint. (Note: Facebook and Twitter notifications provide UNOFFICIAL race results. Official results will be posted upon completion of the event.)
  • Text notifications: Spectators and friends and family following along at home can also sign up to have athletes’ splits sent directly to their mobile phone via SMS. (Note: Again, these results are UNOFFICIAL.)
  • Leaderboard: The RTRT.me leaderboard will provide athletes’ times and current paces (usually within 10 seconds of a participant crossing a split), plus provide estimated times for the next point and their finish.

Want to track an athlete who hasn’t signed up for RTRT.me? We will also be posting a link to MapTracker on our home page on October 20 so you can track any runner’s progress by entering that person’s name or bib number.

Participating in the race? Sign up for RTRT.me here! If you have any questions about how to use RTRT.me or MapTracker, let us know on Facebook, Twitter, or in the comments below!


2 thoughts on “Tip #20: Follow Friends & Family with Real-Time Race Tracking (RTRT.me)

  1. at what distances is the person notified…my daughter will be receiving the text notification…she’s running the half and I’m running the full, so wondered at what points after the half she would be notified?

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