We Ask, You Answer: What Are You Wearing on Race Day?

“We Ask, You Answer” is our new blog series featuring your training tips and race day advice. The concept is simple: We’ll ask the questions, and you’ll answer. Then, we’ll compile and share your advice. Be sure to follow along on Facebook and Twitter!

Photo Oct 09, 7 42 06 PMWhether you’re a seasoned marathoner or running newbie, deciding what to wear on race day can be a challenge – especially since Ohio is known for its unpredictable weather! If you’re struggling to decide what to wear for the 2013 Nationwide Children’s Hospital Columbus Marathon & 1/2 Marathon, then read on for fellow runners’ suggestions:

First, here some general tips on what to wear next weekend. Stephanie Orr Prociuk says, “Always dress as if it’s 20 degrees warmer. If it is cool in the morning, wear layers. Take off a layer as you go and hand it off to a spectator friend or family member. Or, throw it off as all clothes dumped on the course are donated to charity.” John A. Hykes suggested: “Wear a hat with a brim and/or sunglasses. Yes, it’s dark at the start, but you’ll want them later. Once we have a better idea of the temp, check out Runner’s World’s whattoweartool.com. Very helpful.”

For some, what to wear is more art than science. According to Traci Kitchen, “Everything has to match my shoes. I’m a girl first…runner second.” For Jeanine Foster, “Hot pink splashed running skirt and hot pink top. You can never have too much pink on when you run.” And for Stephanie Lesco, it’s all about good luck: “Not sure what top I’m wearing but gotta go with my lucky running skirt for the race.”

For others, it’s the other way around. “Last two years I’ve worn split shorts, singlet, arm warmers, socks, shoes and a skull cap – perfect,” said Michael Walsdorf. Traci added: “I only wear cotton. Cotton running shorts. Long-sleeved cotton t-shirt. A windbreaker that I might toss. And, like others, a thrift shop fleece or jacket to throw off after the start.”

Most runners will wait until closer to race day to decide, but have options ready to go. “Newton Gravitys! Everything else depends on the weather. I’ll either wear a sleeveless top and shorts or a long-sleeved compression top and shorts,” said David Bess. Craig Myers added: “I will check weather the night before, but will likely wear lightweight compression pants and top, shorts and a tank on top of that.” And one more idea from Kristy Taylor: “Not sure yet, but tube socks (cut off the toe) make great throw away arm sleeves!”

What are you planning to wear next Sunday? Let us know on Facebook, Twitter or in the comments below. You can also click here for more advice!


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