13 Tips for 2013

Today’s guest post comes from Jessica Daniels, a Spanish teacher at a small rural high school and avid runner of 5ks, half marathons, and marathons. She lives in Dover, Ohio with her husband, Nick, and a rescued greyhound named Casper.

The countdown is on! We’re closing in on those last few weeks before the big race. Are you nervous? Excited? Scared? Exhilarated?

Whatever feelings you have, you’re probably tapering and hydrating and doing your other pre-race preparations. I’ve been so inspired by the “26 Tips for 26.2 Miles” segment, so I got myself writing and reflecting. As you and I prep for C-bus, I’d thought I’d share with you my top 13 (in honor of 2013) one-sentence tips to remember for Columbus marathon & 1/2 marathon:

Photo Oct 16, 9 38 54 AM13. Let your body be your guide.

12. Admire the mansions of Bexley.

11. Hydrate, fuel and rest up.

10. Make sure you pull out an “OH-“  somewhere along the route.

9. Thank the race volunteers and water stop workers for their hard work and time.

8. Take in the sunrise over the Start Line.

7. Read the fun signs from the thousands of spectators; some are pretty darn creative!

6. Watch your step through the brick streets of German Village.

5. Bring some old gloves, and maybe a garbage bag, to keep you warm at the Start Line.

4. Hum, clap, and sing along with the many bands along the route.

3. KNOW that you’ve put the time and training in, and have confidence in your abilities.

2. Marathoners, savor your run through the ‘Shoe- I’m so jealous! 😉

1. When you cross that finish line at Nationwide Arena, feel the cheers, the joy, and wear that medal with pride- You did it!!!

Post-stress fracture I have made it back into full training and am heading to Columbus amped to run the entire 13.1 miles, however slow or fast that may be. I’ll be in my RunJessRun shirt, so if you see me, say hello! I’d love to meet all of you throughout the weekend! Stop at my blog, www.runjessrun.com to find more tips and reviews, and I’ll “C” you at C-bus!


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