Top Songs to Pump Up Your Run

We’ve all been there while training for the marathon or ½ marathon – only halfway through the miles and already feeling sore, drained, unmotivated and utterly exhausted.

Then, it happens. The perfect song comes on just in time and everything changes. The beat pushes you forward, the sore muscles no longer matter and the rest of the workout is a breeze – you could almost do the whole thing all over again! (Almost.)

Recently, we asked our Facebook followers what songs keep them moving when they reach that crucial point in the middle of a run and they didn’t disappoint! Of your suggestions, we picked 20 songs most likely to get you motivated on those tough training days and compiled them into a playlist on Spotify, an online radio where you can create customized music playlists. You can listen online here, or check out our “Pump Up Songs” playlist below!


Make sure to follow us on Spotify here to stay updated on our new playlists we’ll be creating leading up to this year’s race. Have a song suggestion? Tell us in the comments below!


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