14 Songs to Put an Extra “Spring” in Your Step

Is there anything better than the first few warm, sunny and all-around beautiful days of spring? The days when winter is officially behind us (knock on wood) and we can finally stop worrying about how many layers we’ll need to throw on before heading out for a run, but don’t quite have to worry about overheating. A.k.a. the best running days ever.

We don’t know about you, but as soon as we get a taste of these perfect days, we get a huge case of spring fever – meaning new running shoes, new workout clothes, new races, and of course, a new spring playlist!

To help put a spring in your step, we put together a Spotify playlist perfect for your next run, based off of song suggestions from our Facebook fans (and a few of our own faves!). You can listen online here, or click on the “Spring Tunes” playlist below!


Make sure to follow us on Spotify here to stay updated on our new playlists we’ll be creating leading up to this year’s race. Have a song suggestion? Tell us in the comments below!


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