How to Maximize Your Training in the Summertime

Darris_BW135Today’s post comes straight from the experts at runcoach, the official training program for The Nationwide Children’s Hospital Columbus Marathon & 1/2 Marathon. For more info on using runcoach to train for the marathon, click here.

Runners often love to keep a routine.  In fact, many of us are downright stubborn.  Most of the time, like the last few miles of a marathon, this is an asset.  However, in the warmer months, the conditions may dictate the need to make some adjustments in order to keep your training on track for your fall goal race.  Sometimes, those small “tweaks” can help you make the best of an admittedly less than perfect set of conditions.  Here are a few tips on how to adjust your training for the hottest time of the year.

Run in the early morning or evening when heat and humidity are at their lowest.  If you can’t do this on a regular basis, look ahead on your schedule to a few of the most rigorous workouts.  Then do everything you can to protect a favorable time of day in which to complete those.

Consider running in different venues.  The temperature of a track can be several degrees warmer than the surrounding areas.  Use your runcoach iPhone app or another handheld GPS to measure out loops on a shady bike path or safe road.  Many gyms will offer trial memberships for a month or two in the summer.  Take advantage of these and get on a treadmill.   You’re not a wimp if you run on a treadmill!  You’re an athlete who is prioritizing your performance.

Plan your running around fluid intake.  You will need significantly more fluids than usual.  Try the following:

  • Carrying water
  • Incorporating parks with fountains into your routine
  • Carrying money with you so that you can buy drinks

Wear light colored, breathable fabrics.  Sounds simple, but doing this will help keep you cooler and less sweaty.

Have more questions about training in the heat? We’d love to hear from you! Just email us at


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