You’re invited to our Virtual Flash Mob!

Virtual Flash MobRegistration for the 2015 Nationwide Children’s Hospital Columbus Marathon & 1/2 Marathon opens Sunday, Feb. 1 and we’re going to celebrate in style! How, you ask? By taking over the internet with a Virtual Flash Mob, of course.

Joining the flash mob is simple (no dancing required!). Just click here to register your Facebook and/or Twitter account, and that’s it! Then, on Feb. 1, Thunderclap will send out the exact same post at the exact same time from the Twitter or Facebook accounts of everyone who joined, creating a Virtual Flash Mob to announce the opening of registration.

There is a catch – the Virtual Flash Mob can only go live if we get at least 100 people to participate, so we need your help! No matter where you are, all participants, spectators and fans of the Nationwide Children’s Hospital are encouraged to come together to help us kick off the start of the incredible journey to the finish line.

Are you in?

Want to get more updates about the Columbus Marathon? Follow us on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook and join in the conversation with #cbusmarathon.


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