Celebrate Your #CMRaceCrew!

Though running and walking a marathon is an individual sport, it takes an entire team to help get you to the finish line, from the moment you register to the moment you put on the medal. As we approach race day, we want to help you celebrate everyone who kept you moving, a.k.a. your CM Race Crew! Your marathon & 1/2 marathon “race crew” is made up of friends, family, the Patient Champs, your running/walking buddies and more – and we’re dedicated the month leading up to race day to every single one of them. Each week will celebrate a different segment of your race crew, giving you the chance to say thank you and rally your team!

To participate, just check back here each week, or keep an eye on our social channels to learn the “theme.” Then, answer the prompt with a photo and personalized shout out to that segment of your race crew using the hashtag #CMRaceCrew!

The themes for each week are:

Week 1 – Running Buddies: Race groups and running/walking buddies are a huge factor in many runners and walkers’ success stories! Share a photo of the running friend or group that pushes you to wake up early, run the extra mile or just keep moving! Remember to tag your friends in your shout out!

Week 2 – Cheer Squad: We have the best spectator support around! Share photos of the people who are rallying behind you as you strive for your goal. Whether it’s your family or friends, post a “thank you” and tag your cheer squad.

Week 3 – Motivation: Many of us have a specific person we’re inspired by, whether it’s the Patient Champions, a family member or even ourselves! Share a photo of your motivation and tell us why they inspire you.

Week 4 – Be my #CMRaceCrew?: Keep the support going on race day! Ask your race crew to cheer you on from the sidelines and on social by posting photos on race day with the #CMRaceCrew hashtag. We’ll provide you with an image to share the week before to ask your friends and family to officially be your #CMRaceCrew. Let your race crew know their photos could be featured on the Columbus Marathon social channels!

Are you ready to rally your crew? Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to get updates on the #CMRaceCrew journey!


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