Tip #24: Choosing the Right Apparel with Kelsey from Second Sole

As we put the final preparations in place for this year’s race, we’re sharing “26 Tips for 26.2 Miles” to make sure you’re ready to go on race day. Click here to read them all, or follow along on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram.

Guest post by Kelsey Rosenburg, Second Sole Short North’s fashion guru

Well you’ve made it this far. The hard part is done; the miles are run and now its time to show us what you have been working so hard for.  The last thing you want is a minor apparel choice to ruin your race day.

Tip 24 - what to wear

The most important thing to remember is layering. With the often-unpredictable weather and the change in temperatures during the morning, wearing more than one layer is important. Make sure your layers are easily removable and disposable.

Lets start with the top layer. The morning is often brisk, however once you start moving and your adrenaline gets pumping you will heat up fast. For this top layer we recommend heading to the Goodwill Columbus booth at the expo. Grab a big comfy sweatshirt, or sweatpants to layer over your other gear. This is something you can easily throw off guilt free. This will keep you warm and you will be supporting a great non-profit.

Don’t forget to make the removal as easy as possible, cut a slit in the neck or around the leg holes help to make sure you don’t fumble while getting anything off in a hurry.

The next layer should be your race outfit. Always make sure to wear a wicking material for your shirt and shorts. Ladies we love a tank and arm sleeve combo, again allowing for easy removal of another layer. Half tights are also a great choice for your race day outfit; as opposed to shorts they are a little better for chaffing.  Guys a moisture wicking t-shirt or tank is also a great choice. Above all else make sure you have done a test run in your outfit before race day. This will ensure a great outcome for all your hard work.

Next, let’s move on to the most important part, footwear. We hope by now everyone has the shoes you will use for the race. No new shoes on race day! While it may be the same shoe you have run in for years, don’t play the odds and run in a new pair of shoes. Combine your favorite shoes with a great pair of non-cotton socks. This will decrease moisture buildup and keep you comfortable from start to finish.

Now that you’ve got your layers figured out and shoes ready, make sure that you have all of the nutritional products that you will need! Again making sure to do a test run of your nutrition for race morning can help alleviate stomach pains during the race.

Finally, if you get to the starting line and realize that you forgot something, do not panic! Come visit us at the Second Sole Race Day store next to the starting line. We will have with last-minute gloves, energy gels, body glide, hats, socks and anything else essential that you may have forgotten.

This is your race day that you have spent many long months, hours and miles preparing for — go out and enjoy it! We here at Second Sole want to wish each and every one of you the best of luck and want you to know that we will be there for your last minute needs, motivation and support!


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