2015 Spirit Award Winners: Where are they now?

Editor’s Note: We reached out to our Spirit Award winners from 2015 to see how they are doing and to tell us what the Spirit Award meant to them. 

Alyson and Andrea Hoffman

Last year’s inspiring twins and Spirit Award winners Alyson and Andrea Hoffman will once again be part of this year’s Nationwide Children’s Hospital Columbus 1/2 Marathon.  The 15-year olds, both of whom are treated at Nationwide Children’s Hospital for cystic fibrosis, continue to be champions and advocates of good health and exercise and credit running with “keeping their lungs clear.”

Alyson and Andrea said the Spirit Award changed their whole outlook while running their first half marathon.

“We think it’s an awesome thing that the Nationwide Children’s Hospital Columbus Marathon & 1/2 Marathon has a Spirit Award to honor and inspire those who are running and those living with disease or disabilities or overcoming other major obstacles,” they said.

Do you know someone who has overcome major obstacles to train for the Nationwide Children’s Hospital Columbus Marathon or 1/2 Marathon on Oct. 16? Please submit a nomination to Sarah Irvin Clark at Sarah@IrvinPR.com by Friday, Sept. 2. Check here for more details.


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