26 Tips in 26 Days. Tip #9: Get Excited At The Start Line


As we put the final preparations in place for this year’s race, we’re sharing “26 Tips in 26 Days” to make sure you’re ready to go on race day. Click here to read them all, or follow along on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram.

A good start can propel an athlete to a personal best, qualify a runner for the Boston Marathon or help a first time competitor believe they can make it 13.1 or 26. 2 miles.  The Nationwide Children’s Hospital Columbus Marathon & ½ Marathon wants the start of the race to be more than a countdown. It should be a celebration of the running community, energizing and just plain fun.

Our start line is a party that just happens to start at 7:30 a.m.  After getting to North Bank Park, checking in any gear and finding your start corral, the marathon team put together a series of events to make the start a memorable one:

  • There’s upbeat music to help you feel good about the journey ahead. And of course, we will get you pumped up right at the start of the Race with our “signature song” – AC/DC’s Thunderstruck
  • Leaders from across the city are on hand to wish you well.
  • Thousands of spectators line the start of the race, with news crews and helicopters there to capture the energy.
  • We may have gone over budget on the fireworks, but it’s worth it.

The start is also staggered. This way, athletes can more quickly find their pace and deal with less foot traffic in the first few miles of the race.

Race Day is months in the making. We want to make sure you get off to the best start possible both physically and mentally. Have fun; enjoy the moment, and we look forward to seeing you at the Finish Line.

Please ask any questions in the comment section below. You’re also welcome to connect with the marathon team on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram.




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